The Ultimate in Stress Management

They’ve taken you everywhere you’ve ever gone, you dress them up and decorate them, you kick them and walk on them so why don’t you spend more time taking care of them ? Feet are vastly under cared for especially considering all we put them through.

Both men and women suffer from not paying special attention to their feet, men more so with constant pressure use from strenuous labor and women from exquisitely designed fashion trends. The amount of stress put on our feet everyday requires regular massage therapy preferably done by a licensed massage therapist however learning some basic techniques will help between appointments.

Before we discuss how let’s explain why the feet are important to have massaged on a regular basis beyond, it feels good or reliefs pain and soreness or the fact that some find the feet extremely erotic is the fact that every major nerve ending winds up connected to the bottom of your feet.

So massaging your little dogs is also like massaging the “stress ends” of your entire body. Nothing can replace a total therapeutic body massage but massaging your feet can make a world of difference. As you relieve the soreness and tension in your feet you allow a large percentage of built up negative energy to escape.

There are three different ways to approach amateur home foot massage:

  1. Single Massage – This can be done at the office as well, during time when you can sit and don’t need both hands you can remove your shoes and give your feet a soothing thumb massage. The eraser end of a pencil is good for directing pressure to a specific area. Just be sure to spend equal time on both. Once home you can elaborate on your massage by using oils or lotions.
  2. Couples Foot Massage – This is a favorite of many because your only duty is to enjoy. Your partner, after warming their hands and getting you comfortable massages each foot in turn allowing you pure relaxation. Back to back massages or alternating nights work well depending on how good each massage is.
  3. Simultaneous Foot Massages – Here we’ve taken foot massage to the next level by lying opposite each other (one persons head at the top of the bed one persons head at the foot of the bed) both people can massage each others feet at the same time. Since there are those that enjoy giving a foot massage as much if not more than getting one, this method is twice as rewarding.

Couples massages will take a time or two for each to learn the others pressure preferences but this is a learning curve well worth waiting for. A visit to your favorite licensed massage therapist at least once a month with not only refresh and invigorate you, but you can pick up some techniques that feel good as well.